Pasionate Pink Lip Gloss

Pasionate Pink Lip Gloss

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Super sexy lip gloss with lip pumping action and minty fresh taste

2 LOVE MY is a new and inspiring cosmetic range which aims to give women the confidence to look beautiful and stay in control.

2 LOVE MY is the first of many cosmetic products with the 2 LOVE MY beauty range. The 2 LOVE MY lip gloss is a sassy, zestful two-in-one lip plumping breath freshing lip gloss, cleverly packaged to include a drink spike detector testing kit!

The combination of beauty product packaged together with a female protection device is both powerful and a must have in today's world where fun and safety are so paradoxically linked.

The Guardian and the Channel 4 programme Dispatches recently interviewed 750 people in 16 cities over a period of two days. One in four women of club and pub-going age surveyed said that they had had their drinks spiked. According to the survey, as many as thirty women a week are victims of drink spiking.

Despite attempts all over the country to curb the escalating problem of drink spiking, the number of incidents reported continues to increase year after year, and it is undisputable that hundreds more go unreported, owing to theunfortunate and unnecessary stigma attached to the issue.

Drink spiking is a growing concern for women in most countries across the world.

Our primary goal is to promote 2 LOVE MY LIPS as a fashionable brand with a distinctive logo that is easily recognisable to women within our target age group of 16 to 50.

2 LOVE MY LIPS aims to bring safety and beauty to the finger tips of women of all ages.

A revolutionary female concept, where women’s beauty and safety blend together so transparently that the customer buys beauty and acquires safety almost subliminally.

2 LOVE MY LIPS is not just an accessory or new brand of lip gloss. It is a necessity for all modern women in social situations