Krome Remy Temple Hair

Krome Remy Temple Hair

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Krome Remy Indian Temple Hair

Krome Remy Indian Temple Hair is the most natural form available and has not been treated chemically in anyway, The hair is ethically sourced and hand picked in india ensuring the cuticles are intact and are in mono-direction, This means the cuticles are in one direction and means the hair lasts longer and is less likely to tangle. Natural 100% remy human hair, silky and soft to the touch with natural bounce.

Temple Hair

Krome Remy hair is indian temple hair meaning it is hair which has been donated willingly be people known as Tonsuring, It is a Hindu custom which has been believed and carried out by Hindus for centuries. 

Colour - Natural

Weight - 100 grams 


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Hair Lengths 14 inches

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