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Super Hair Bond Remover Lotion

Super Hair Bond Remover works quickly and effectively to remove bonded hair.

Directions: 1. Lift up the commercial wefted hair and apply Salon Pro Super Hair Bond Remover onto the bond with a Q-tip. Work Salon Pro Bond Remover into the bond with a small brush (tooth brush). In doing so, the bond will loosen. Continue to apply the bond remover until the commercial wefted hair seperates itself from the scalp hair.
2. Remove the commerical wefted hair.
3. With a fine tooth comb remove any remaining Hair Bonder Glue
4. Shampoo the scalp with a gentle cleansing shampoo. (Shampoo must not contain conditioners)
5. Shampoo the commerical wefting hair with a gentle shampoo. (Shampoo must not contain conditioners)

Warning: Do not use on bleached hair. Do not use on permanently colored hair which is breaking, splitting, or otherwise damaged. Do not if scalp is irritated or injured. Keep away from eyes and out of reach of children.

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