Stranded sleep-in rollers 10pk

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Top tips to get the ultimate look from your Sleep Rollers Roll your hair up into the curlers Secure your rollers with pins/clips For ultimate comfort, adjust your pins/clips Relax...And get a good nights sleep Wake up to lucious curls! Practical advice... How to fit your rollers Bouncy full hair! Velcros produce a soft curl and lift effect.10pk Best applied to dry blown hair, some people prefer the hair slightly damp for more curl we think best results are in dry hair which has been previously blown. They will secure and grip to the hair naturally however some prefer to use hair grips especially if you are sleeping in them. Hair spraying each section also helps for your curls to stay in. Some roller queens like to smooth the hair with straighteners before applying the roller for more effect and turning the ends under, this is not a must it can just help especially if you have naturally frizzy hair. Tail combs can tuck in any flyaway hairs. Velcros are easy to use for you or a friend to apply for you, our sleep in rollers are applied the same way as you would apply normal velcros and below is a handy list of links from you tube on how to apply velcros!

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