Festival Season Winner!

With the festival season coming to a end it seems the biggest hair winner for the festival season was th Koko clip in hair!

These instant clip in extensions became a firm favourite for girls looking for a fast glamour look with out breaking the bank. Known through out Liverpool as "the weekend hair" the Koko extensions have truly served there purpose across the festival sesason.

These clip in extensions come in straight and curly giving our style conscious customers the choice of what look the prefer with out the hasle of styling. As the festival season closes and the christmas season begins we can see the popularity of these versatile extensions growing!

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It's Treatment Time!


All us girls know there comes a time in your hair extensions life when they need a treatment! My extensions where at that stage after all the xmas curly blows and recent nights out. So my product of choice was Beauty Works Argan treatment, having Beauty Works Gold hair extensions sown in it was the natural choice for me to use and I was realy happy with the results!Beauty Works Argan oil mask is specially formulated to deeply nourish and restructure your hair extensions. It has the perfect combintion of Argan oil and milk protein to ensure each strand is left feeling revitalised.

I applied a generous amount to my clean towel dried hair making sure to focus on the ends and mid lengths, I combed it through to ensure all hair was covered, rinsing it off after 10 minutes. I then applied some Beauty works heat protector before blow drying my hair. My hair extensions felt refreshed and conditioned, this pearl nourishing mask was just what they needed!


Emma xx